Yes, I’m going into Audiobooks. I’m going to try to keep track of every step along the way, maybe someone else will have the same questions I have. My brain tends to see options where other people find things straightforward. I hope to cover things that seem obvious in hopes that someone else has the same kind of mind.

I found out about ACX/Audible through an ad Amazon ran in my Facebook newsfeed. I was stunned to read that I could get into audiobooks with no cash outlay. I knew they had to be expensive, which is why I had never ever considered doing it. Audiobooks were only for the Big Authors, with Big Publishing Houses behind them that had a whole staff of readers or connections to professionals who would fall all over themselves to make Their Famous Author even more famous.

So watch this space for One Woman’s Experience on dabbling her toes into the great world of audiobooks!

(original blog date 8/20/2015)

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