I wrote earlier about how Amazon works to help their authors succeed, and yesterday I had another graphic illustration of what they do. I was going through my emails and suddenly, from Amazon, I saw in the subject line “Fortune’s Flower.” At first I was puzzled, had something gone wrong with my book’s listing? So I clicked on it, and what did I see? It was a Literature and Fiction mailing list. I subscribe to a few categories, but somehow I never thought to see my book on the subject line.

Between their Free Promotions and Countdown Deals, Amazon has given their authors ways to catch the eye of savvy shoppers. Now that I know they do this, and any one of us might be lucky enough to have our book featured FREE on one of their targeted emails, I encourage anyone who has become frustrated with the state of publishing to take a look at self-publishing through Amazon.

Self-publishing used to be called ‘vanity press,’ but more and more we have seen talented authors burst from the middle of the pack and get long-overdue recognition.

And if anyone knows how to work Goodreads’ image insertion, please let me know! Thank you.

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