A Man to Marry

A Man to Marry

In a world of brideprice and arranged marriages, she wants to choose her own love.

About the Book

Will she wed her father’s choice? Or will she find a man she can love?

Miriam had ruined her reputation three years before by chasing after a married man. The villagers have long memories, and her mistake haunts her.

When disaster strikes the vineyards, the source of Hophni’s prosperity, Miriam is the only thing her father has to barter. He needs a wealthy son-in-law to pay her dowry so he can start over. Her happiness—or lack of it—cannot matter, and he picks an old man with wealth.

Then she meets Kemuel, a former slave with no money. His one advantage is long-abandoned family land that just might have what Hophni needs, but it is a long walk there and back with no guarantee of success.

He has to hurry, because Miriam will be wed to her father’s choice in two weeks.

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