Days of the Judges box set

Days of the Judges box set

Three rich and gripping tales of love in one volume.

A captured enemy bride, a brother-in-law marriage, and a tribe in danger of disappearing. Three rich and gripping tales of love in one volume. Follow three couples from an ancient world, thrust into unexpected marriages as they learn about their new mates, and find how just how blessed they have been with their surprise choice.

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About the Book

Taleh’s city of Minnith has been conquered by the Israelites. As the dead lay everywhere, she is claimed by an Israelite soldier and taken from her land into a new and unfamiliar place, with resentful people, strange laws, and evidence everywhere of her own people’s villainous ways. How can she ever find a place? An RT Book Reviews Top Pick. “This is an extraordinary book. . . . The story is fast-paced, moving, intricate and compelling. Ms Boyd has done her research, and she is a powerful writer.”

Joshua is hiding a guilty secret. He has been in love with his brother’s wife for six long years, always keeping his distance lest he offend his God more than he already has. When his brother dies unexpectedly and the law of brother-in-law marriage goes into effect, he is surprised that he has been granted his deepest desire. He finds out, though, that his brother was not what he thought, and the beautiful wife he has been granted has her own secrets.

A terrible crime and resulting war has divided Israel, and nearly exterminated the tribe of Benjamin. The entire tribe is down to 600 men. The High Priest blessed the decision to permit those last men to raid the joyful festival at Shiloh for brides. It is Aksah’s unhappy fate to be one of those captured brides. During the long walk to his home, she begins to plot her escape, never dreaming the dangers her flight held for both of them, or what the outcome would be.

Genres: Biblical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Romance
Tags: Historical, Romance
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 901
ISBN: 9781734088137
eBook Price: $6.99
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