This Time Love

This Time Love

An antique mirror, a trip through time. A mesmerizing man, a sudden love, but when the mirror wakes up, will she be pulled away?

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About the Book

It was just an antique mirror.

Or was it?

Grace Harding is an independent modern woman. She loves her work, loves making old things new.

Then she purchases a very unique mirror. And suddenly finds herself in a country party in 1810 England.

Thrust into this new world with nothing but the mirror and her wits, Grace has to learn to fit in and quickly. She takes a risk, and trusts the truth to a larger-than-life old man who matches the stories passed down from her grandmother.

She’s desperate to find a way back home. What she doesn’t need is to fall in love.

Who is this woman, and how did she get here?

Garrett Atherton, Earl of Fairfax and determined bachelor, is definitely not enjoying his own country party, a sop to his parents’ demand he finally wed. However, when a mysterious woman who strongly resembles one of the wealthiest families in England appears, uninvited and spouting odd opinions, his whole world flips upside down.

No one seems to know her or where she’s from. Worse, she claims to be from the Americas.

Yet she is the only woman in the Marriage Mart ever to intrigue him. He may lose his heart just in time to lose her forev

Genres: Clean and Wholesome romance, Historical Fiction, Regency romance, Romance, Time Travel romance
Tags: Clean & Wholesome, Historical, Regency, Romance, Time Travel
Publisher: Mary Ellen Boyd
Publication Year: 2021
eBook Price: $3.99
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