Every day, no, every hour, possibly every minute or two, another author posts another book on Amazon. I haven’t been able to get a bead on how many books I have to sell each day to keep my ranking up, but it must be a LOT. When I have promotions going on, my ranking makes me all happy inside, but when my books are just selling on their own the ranking and my dream self are not always friends.

Don’t get me wrong. My ranking is quite healthy and my books sell very nicely on their own, thank you all very much, you lovely buyers. It’s just that new books come out all the time and the competition is fierce. I have a number in my head that I like to see next to the bolded “Amazon Best Sellers Rank” header. (That is really sweet, when you think of it. “Best Sellers Rank.” And everyone gets a number as a ‘best seller,” even if their book is sitting there static at the very bottom of the list and no one has found it.) Every now and then I hit that internal number and I smile all day.

No, I smile all hour, because that rank is as fluid as water and recedes and surges with every sale – by everyone. Because the ranking is so changeable, a bit of reality is in order. Take a look at how many books are on Amazon. It can make your head spin! So don’t get depressed when you see the hot link for the Top 100 right after your own less impressive number.

Maybe some day one of my books will be on that wonderful Top 100 list.

I can always dream, can’t I?

(original blog date 5/29/2014)

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