When I first contacted Amazon, informed them that I had reworked Temper The Wind, and asked how to notify all the poor people who had bought it, Amazon told me that they would put a notice in the “Manage Your Kindle” section of the purchaser’s account. Since I didn’t purchase my own book (it seemed a bit odd to do that, as if I was playing with my sales, and it’s not as if I didn’t know what happened in the story), I had no way of checking to make certain the notice was there.

My sister bought the book, and told me in all her changes and upgrades of her Kindle ereaders, she still had the original version, mistakes and all, even the original cover. She never got the new version. Which is a bit odd because I bought a book once just for the cover (the inside was pretty bad but I loved the cover) and that cover changed. Apparently cover updates are different, they will upgrade every time the author puts up a new picture?

My sister never checked the “Manage Your Content and Devices” section. (I usually don’t look there either!) It’s been well over a year since the corrected version was put up. I am still getting reviews from the poor people who got that first version.

Today I decided to test out that “Manage Your Content…” link and see what was there. It is so simple to find, just click on your identity (“Hello, XYZ, Your Account”) and find “Manage Your Content…” in the drop-down list. Click on it, log in, and all your books will be there. On the right-hand side, the big empty column without a label, as you scroll down, if any books have been updated, a small oval link will show. I found several books with update notices. I don’t know how long those update notices have been there, but I’m hoping they keep them until the person reloads the book. If so, and if Amazon did put that notice on Temper The Wind, any who bought that first version should be able to get the new one, corrections and new cover and all.

After I put up the new corrected version, I did make a small note in my listing, letting people who might read those reviews know the book is fixed. I could put a more noticeable comment up, but that seems too little, too late.

For any who have books that clearly were not edited well, it might be worth it to go check your own “Manage Your Content and Devices” section and see if there might be a corrected version. Give it a look and see!

(original blog date 12/10/2014)

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