I probably jumped the gun on my Facebook page when I put up my upcoming book and labelled it “coming soon.” At that point, I had received the proof copy from Createspace and it was on the way to my Editor. However, editing, if done right (and she does it VERY right) is a time-consuming job. Editors have lives, too, and their health gets in the way, family life gets in the way, anything that can go wrong with a life does.

While she was busy editing and handling her own family and business affairs, I had my own health crisis, and I am here to tell you all that I am among the luckiest of women. Of people, even.

On March 13th, I had a stroke. Not a big one, but a stroke nonetheless.

This kind of stroke affects the balance center of the brain, I was told, and I had a rather dramatic demonstration of that even before the results of the MRI were analyzed. The very day of the MRI, I fell and broke my wrist, not to mention cracked my elbow and sprained my jaw from how hard my face hit. (A bit of humor: I was on soft food for a week.) That was followed by a nasty case of bronchitis, which I am prone to, but not this severe. I blame it on the stroke’s shock to my system.

If you have read an earlier post of mine, you know I have a rare disease that took 25 years to be diagnosed. I can’t decide whether to be annoyed or relieved that now the doctors are finally paying attention. (I could have used a bit of this undivided focus for those 25 years!) I have been sent from doctor to doctor as they try to ensure that another stroke won’t follow this one.

Thank goodness my editor didn’t get all the editing back to me, because I wouldn’t have been able to focus on it right now. She tells me it will be another couple weeks, so hopefully I will be through the rash of doctoring when it comes. I fully expect both the editing and the first version of my Warrior audiobook to arrive about the same time, so I will have to listen to one book while I try to rewrite the other! That’s why I have to get this stroke situation under control and quickly!

Just for fun, this is to give you an idea of what editing looks like. This is Warrior of the Heart, taken with my laptop’s very poor built-in camera so don’t try to read it, just look at all the red!

I’m actually a fairly quick rewriter, and she gives me exact details on what is wrong, so that helps me to fix it. All I can do now is take care of myself, follow all the doctor’s directions, get plenty of sleep, and hope for the best.

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