One of the highlights of my Kindle Experience was my surprise appearance on the Internet in the digital RT Book Reviews July 31, 2013 webpage!

My sister had submitted a request to RT Book Reviews to put my book in their Self Pub Hub, a prescreened recommendation for those who have been burned by sloppy Kindle books and want someone to vet them first. Only recommended books get in, which takes the risk out of self published ebooks. (I have read a few clinkers in my day!)

I had an advantage because my ex-agent years ago had tried epublishing Temper The Wind. (That was back in the days of the Rocket Reader.) She was years ahead of her time in some ways. I submitted my book to RT Book Reviews (then known as Romantic Times Magazine) and got a fabulous review, 4-1/2 stars and a Top Pick.

With that ammunition, when my sister sent in her request this year, I not only got my book listed in the September 2013 RT Book Reviews paper edition, but as a surprise I showed up on their digital Daily Blog.

And it’s still there!
RT Book Reviews July 2013

If the link doesn’t work, just go to, type in my name, Mary Ellen Boyd, and look for July 2013 ‘Which Self Published Book is Right For You? Take the Quiz.’ Not only will that appearance show up, but you can also find my very first review from back when my old agent published it. It’s dated 2010, but that must either be a typo or when they were putting up their backlist because it was really in 2001!

(blog first published 11/8/2013)

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